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A Snapchat-like listing process. Designed to run side-by-side with your current retail operations.

Go Omnichannel

Everything you need in one place


Get a whitelabel online store

No design needed. Once you list your first product, your online store is ready to take orders. Want a custom website? You can also use our Squarespace integration.


Shipping label generator

Buy shipping labels at the best discounted rates, directly from our dashboard. At checkout, customers always pay for shipping.


Local pickup orders system

Let customers choose buy online and pickup in-store. Creates flexibility. Great for try-ons. When customers arrive, scan their pickup QR code to confirm the transaction.



Increase local SEO performance. When customers search for your business on Google, they will find a catalog of available products.


Want to have a custom website? Connect Karma Trade inventory to SquareSpace in minutes.

Your new ecosystem

List once, sell everywhere else

Showcase your products in as many channels as possible. Use Karma Trade as your inventory's source of truth.

Instagram and Facebook Shop

Share your products on social media posts instantenously. Forget 'DM to buy'.

Easy Payment
Advance Analytics
Easy Payment

Instagram + Facebook Shop

Directly link your products on social media

No more DMs
Easy Payment
Connect with everything

Integrate with the tools you know and love

Designed for retail businesses of all sorts     and sizes       

Join Waitlist

For businesses that sell during market events. Whether you're a seasonal or regular vendor, Karma Trade is a great fit for your business.

Reach your regular customer base with online inventory. For pickup orders, customers can try on items before finalizing the order.

Do you sell eclectic furniture pieces? Tired of items sitting on the floor? Now, you can offer local pickup-instore for your customer base. Grow your sales with an online inventory.

The greatest jewelry pieces are one-of-a-kind. Now, you no longer have to compromise on efficiency vs uniqueness. Reach your customers with one-of-a-kind pieces.

Sell your in-house fashion design pieces online and in-store at the same time. With local pickup-instore, your customers can try on before deciding to finalize the order.

Have a high volume of one-a-kind items? Now you can upload items in bulk, at lightening speed. Simply snap a picture during the next time you're restocking shelves.


See what our customers are saying

Brucker's Designs
Leanne Brucker

"I’ve sold pieces that have been in the shop since I opened it. I am so glad I took a chance and decided to work with Karma Trade."

The Flea Thrift
Maria & Paul

"Karma Trade makes it very simple for us to post items. It's the best in this age to use with a very easy setup process"

The Flea Thrift
Maria & Paul

"Karma Trade makes it very simple for us to post items. It's the best in this age to use with a very easy setup process"


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Frequently Asked Questions

1. Do you charge any processing fees?

Yes, but you do not pay the processing fee. The customer pays. Our processing fee is 5% + $0.05 per transaction for any online and point-of-sale transactions.

2.  How do I get into the beta program?

Sign up for our waitlist! Depending on your business, we may let you in early.

3.  I don't want to ship. Can I sell with only pickup?

Yes definitely! You can set your default fulfillment channel to pickup only. For every product you list, it will automatically be set to 'pickup-only'.

4.   What happens if something sells in-store first?

First, link your products with QR tags. If a customer wants to buy the item in-store, simply scan the item with our POS (point-of-a-sale) system. Afterwards, it will be marked sold on the online store.

5. How do I integrate with Facebook or Instagram shop?

Go to Settings > Integrations > Facebook. You will find specific instructions there.

6.  I already have an online store. Can I import my products?

Yes, completely! Contact us to get a free custom solution.

7.  How do I showcase products on my own custom website?

We integrate with SquareSpace so you can have a completely whitelabel online storefront.

8.   Is there a free trial?

Yes! We offer a 14 day free trial.

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